Christmas T-Shirt Designs: Illustrations and Quotes for your Designs

We’ve all searched for a common Christmas shirt, whether for family, friends, or partners. In this case, a company needed Christmas-themed shirts for its employees. The design had to be formal yet fun and warm for them, but how do you achieve that? Making a design authentic, fun, and formal at the same time is challenging, but the task becomes easy if you know the design elements and how to blend them.

That’s why in the following article, we’ll teach you about the graphic elements of the shirt, the most commonly used types of illustrations, phrases, characters, so you can decide on more suitable designs, or simply create your own.

Graphic Elements of Christmas T-Shirt Designs


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It’s easy to understand the graphic elements of a shirt, but when designing or buying a design for this time of year, certain details must be taken into account. It’s not simply a matter of creating a design with a tree and a star; it must offer something more. Here we outline the basic graphic elements for designing a Christmas shirt.

  • Illustrations: Hand-drawn or digitally designed illustrations are currently in vogue, giving the design a unique and artistic touch. They come in a wide range, varying from simple line drawings to more elaborate designs depending on the case and preferences.
  • Typography: Bold and eye-catching typography can be used to convey messages, quotes, or slogans. Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and layouts to create visually interesting text-based designs.
  • Icons and Symbols: Incorporating relevant icons and symbols related to the theme of the shirt can help reinforce its message or concept. Icons can be simple and minimalist or detailed and intricate, depending on the design’s aesthetic.
  • Patterns: Repetitive patterns can add texture and visual interest to shirt designs. Patterns can be inspired by nature, geometry, or cultural motifs and can be used as background elements or as the main focal point of the design.
  • Textures: Adding textures such as distressed effects, grunge overlays, or watercolor washes can give shirt designs a tactile quality and depth. Textures can be applied to the entire design or specific elements to create visual contrast.
  • Photographs and Collages: Incorporating photographs or collage elements into shirt designs can create dynamic and visually striking graphics. These images can be manipulated, overlaid, or combined with other graphic elements to create a cohesive design.

The creation of Christmas designs for shirts is something that generates movement, as according to Forbes, Christmas sales reached $876 billion in 2020. Accepting that it is a market in which mass production is needed for those times, knowing the most used illustrations becomes a way to achieve the visual capture that we so desire in a design.

Types of Illustrations with Symbols of Christmas T-Shirt Designs

Christmas Tree and Bright Lights

One of the most emblematic symbols of Christmas, adorned with lights, colorful balls, ribbons, and a star at the top. As soon as we see the Christmas tree, we associate it with Christmas, which is why it’s important to consider this element in shirts. An example of this can be seen in this design, “Christmas tree with gifts underneath” The design features a cheerful Christmas tree with a stack of colorful presents underneath, accompanied by an inspiring phrase in a fun and bold font. The design style is geared towards children, with an illustrated look that appeals to both boys and girls.

Fun and Modern Santa Claus

The kind Santa Claus with his red and white suit, his pointed hat, and his sack full of gifts. We’ve known Santa Claus since we were children; this iconic character is always present during Christmas and cannot be missing in your designs. This design portrays a more modern Santa Claus, “Happy Santa Claus, greeting with sunglasses” The design features a cheerful Santa Claus as the main focus, depicted wearing sunglasses and greeting with a designed birthday message. The design style is a combination of art, child, Christmas, girl, illustrated, children, men, quote, retro, and vintage.

Reindeer in Pairs with Red Noses

Santa’s faithful companions, especially Rudolph with his bright red nose. As mentioned earlier, illustrations are the focus of these designs, as their purpose is to evoke tenderness and capture attention. Reindeer are a strategy for this, as being animals, animated designs can be found to complement this. For example, this shirt design, called “Friends of the Forest at Christmas Time” The “Friends of the Forest at Christmas” design embodies a charming and whimsical atmosphere perfect for the holiday season. The design’s color palette consists mainly of vibrant green, offering a refreshing and natural feeling, while accents in black and beige add depth and contrast. These colors beautifully enhance the forest theme, evoking a sense of being immersed in a lush forest during the festive season.

Christmas Ornaments and Gifts

Gifts, besides being a detail, are used as ornaments in illustrations that can bring more life to the design. Likewise, Christmas baubles, stars, ribbons, golden objects, are part of Christmas. In this design, “Boy in Christmas hat with Christmas presents” a cute illustrated boy is depicted wearing a Christmas hat and holding Christmas gifts. The art style is playful and childlike, perfect for both girls and boys. The color palette includes classic Christmas colors, red and green, with a touch of blue to add a modern twist.

Snowman Under The Mistletoe

A fun friend made of snow, with a carrot for a nose and coal buttons. Snowmen are perfect for kids, as they’re cute and playful. In Christmas shirt design illustrations, they can be found hand-painted or in digital form. “Couple of snowmen embracing with love” This design features a heartwarming illustration of a pair of snowmen embracing, with a sweet love message incorporated into the design. The illustration style is a mix of tender and whimsical, with elements suitable for both boys and girls. The design is perfect for the holiday season, with its festive and cheerful ambiance. The snowmen are drawn in an illustrated style, with clean lines and a childlike quality that will appeal to both children and adults.

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Christmas Phrases on Christmas T-Shirts Designs

In addition to illustrations, Christmas shirts must include phrases that inspire people to celebrate the magic of Christmas. A case where the phrases on shirts in designs were more important than the shirt itself was in a study in Turkey where several people were asked what things were important on their shirts. They responded that beyond the color and illustration, the text and what it said were fundamental. So much so, that if the phrases on the shirts are in another language, they translate them to know what is being said and consider whether they agree or not with the expression. Hence the importance of phrases, especially at Christmas.

Naughty or Nice

During Christmas, there’s the story that children have to behave well so that Santa Claus brings them gifts, reflected in this phrase “Naughty or nice?” Such phrases are the ones that could be used on children’s shirts, as they are fun. Likewise, the typography used is “slab serif” and “serif,” adding a touch of whimsy and tradition.

Believe in The Magic of Christmas

The month of Christmas has an indescribable magic, which should be reflected in some way in the designs. Here we can see a simple illustration of a tree with gifts, but the phrase and its meaning adorn it perfectly. “Believe in the magic of Christmas.” Font options range from a playful “slab serif” to an elegant “serif,” adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Cat Meowy Christmas

Animals are also characteristic of Christmas; we see a cat wearing a Christmas hat representing the tenderness of Christmas. “Meowy” mimicking the sound cats make, associating it with Christmas. This is a way to appeal to another audience that loves animals and Christmas. The overall style of the design is artistic and illustrated, with a hand-drawn feel that is suitable for both boys and girls, as well as babies and toddlers. The choice of font is handwritten, adding a personalized touch to the design.

Taming The Spirit of Christmas with Love and Joy

Love and joy are some of the most important emotions at Christmas; including phrases that connect with these emotions is a good strategy to attract those who are detail-oriented. As we said at the beginning, for some people, it is indeed crucial to read what the shirts say to see if the design is suitable. The typography used in this phrase is bold, adding a playful and inviting element to the overall design. The serif font style adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, further elevating the design.

All I Want for Christmas is Cookies and Milk

Cookies are a Christmas classic; including illustrations in your designs will create a high-quality perspective of Christmas. “All I want for Christmas is cookies and milk” is the phrase that accompanies this design. The font used is bold slab serif and traditional san serif. This design is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy and Christmas joy to their decorations or gifts.

You can use all these Christmas shirt designs to create an unforgettable family night. Each person can have a personalized design, or everyone can have the same one. It’s common during these times to wear matching pajamas or shirts to identify families, especially when they gather together.


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Trying to cater to everyone’s taste is tricky, so for these types of designs, it’s recommended to use the most common illustrations and phrases so that everyone feels comfortable. For example, I saw in a magazine that they featured some designs for these occasions, but some were too serious for children, and others were too playful for adults. It’s good to achieve a design that can be worn and enjoyed by everyone.

For this, we’ll show you the designs we have available for you. They’re ready for printing, licensed, and there won’t be any issues if you want them for personal or commercial use. Here, you can let your creativity soar and choose the one that you believe fits your taste and that of your family, friends, or partner the best.

Christmas Designs for Your T-Shirts

Santa Claus happily riding his sleigh with horses

The design depicts a cheerful image of Santa Claus, happily traveling in his sleigh through a winter wonderland. He is accompanied by a team of beautifully illustrated reindeer, carrying a load of festive holly and Christmas trees. The overall style of the design is playful artwork, perfect for both children and adults. The color palette of the design features classic Christmas colors: red, green, and white, evoking a sense of festive joy. This design would be a perfect addition to any Christmas-themed product, from clothing to home decor. Additionally, the design includes a quote that could be used to further enhance the Christmas spirit. Overall, this design is a perfect representation of the joy and magic of the holiday season.

Santa Claus holding his elves by the ropes

This design features a cheerful and festive main object of Santa Claus holding onto his elves by the reins. The character of Santa Claus is depicted in a style that combines elements from the 80s and 90s, giving it a nostalgic feel. The design is suitable for both boys and girls, as well as children of all ages. It captures the essence of Christmas and has a touch of religious symbolism. The vintage aesthetic adds a timeless charm to the overall look.


Santa Claus in a sleigh through the snow on a pixel map

The design features Santa Claus in a sleigh, gliding through a snowy landscape in a pixel art map design, capturing the essence of Christmas and the festive spirit. The color palette consists mainly of vibrant red, symbolizing Santa Claus and Christmas, and black, which adds depth and contrast to the design. These colors evoke a sense of warmth and joy. The fonts used in the design are “slab serif,” adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Santa Claus in his sleigh with stars in the background

The design depicts Santa Claus in his sleigh, surrounded by stars in the background and clouds beneath them. The overall style of the design can be described as black and white, with a touch of Christmas cheer and childlike innocence. It’s drawn, capturing the imagination of both boys and girls, and appealing to children of all ages. The fonts used in the design can be described as handwritten, bold, sans serif, or cursive, depending on the desired effect. The text incorporated into the design is “Christmas in the Forest,” adding a festive and nature-inspired element to the overall composition.

Santa Claus on a workbench creating gifts design

This design features an adorable illustration of Santa Claus sitting at a workbench, busy creating gifts for the Christmas season. The main focus of the design is Santa Claus himself, portrayed in a cute and illustrated style that appeals to both boys and girls. The design captures the essence of the holiday season, with a touch of nostalgia and magic. The color palette of the design revolves around the classic Christmas colors, primarily red and black, complemented by a subtle peach tone. The use of these colors adds a festive and warm atmosphere to the design, making it perfect for spreading Christmas joy.

Santa Claus on his sleigh navigating on a pixel map

The design features Santa Claus in his sleigh navigating on a pixel map. The overall style of the design is retro and pixelated, appealing to both gamers and fans of classic video games. The design also incorporates Christmas elements and is suitable for both boys and girls, children, and adults alike. Using red and green, the colors of Christmas, both in the main character of the design and in the rest of the illustration. Script fonts are used. The text included in the design is “Navigating with Santa,” highlighting Santa Claus’s main activity in his sleigh.

Santa Claus on his sleigh with his reindeer

The nostalgia of Christmas from the 80s and 90s blends in this design, firstly with the illustration of Santa Claus in his sleigh accompanied by reindeer. The style is suitable for both children and adults, capturing the joy and spirit of Christmas, making it perfect for the holiday season. The colors consist of vibrant red, contrasting with black and indigo. This adds depth and interest to the design, evoking a sense of festivity and joy in those who love Christmas.

Santa Claus on his sleigh with reindeer

Lo retro es ideal para los diseños de navidad, los colores que se usan son el rojo, el azul y el granate. Aquí se utilizan fuentes serif y slab serif, las cuales le dan elegancia y tradición en el diseño. Las texturas y efectos utilizados en el diseño son fundamentales para darle a la ilustración un aspecto diferente. Esto se refleja en las estrellas y la luna expuesta en el fondo. Los renos y Papá Noel son el foco principal, mostrando que se dirigen a entregar los regalos. La frase que acompaña este diseño es “Sleigh Bells” Representando el sonido de las campanas.

Santa reindeer kit with christmas tree and phrase

The design features a Santa Claus kit with reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a phrase. The design style is illustrated and suitable for boys, girls, children, men, and anyone who loves Christmas. The design also includes a quote in bold, script, sans-serif, and italic fonts. The color palette is green, maroon, and beige, giving the design a warm and cozy feel. The text in the design reads “Santa’s reindeer team, VIPs of Christmas,” adding to the festive atmosphere and overall holiday excitement.

Snowman melting inside a flowerpot


This design features a snowman melting inside a flower pot, illustrated in a childlike style. The artwork is drawn with attention to detail, making it suitable for both boys and girls. The color palette includes shades of orange, green, and white. The design could appeal to both children and men, and could include a quote to add an extra touch of personality. This idea conveys the image of a snowman melting and finding a new home in a flower pot, combining the joy of winter with the rebirth of spring.


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In conclusion, we can acknowledge that Christmas shirt designs require careful attention to detail in their creation. An example of this can be seen in designer Mathew Roberts’ article, where he compares graphic errors in Christmas designs. Even minor mistakes can sometimes convey the wrong message and damage the entire communicative and visual intention of a design.

That’s why we recommend turning to experts when seeking a design. With us, you can achieve and obtain an illustration for your shirts at an excellent price, quality, and originality, as our designs are created by the best.

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